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Thirty-Second Annual Byzantine Studies Conference
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Governing Board Meeting Session 1
Thursday, 9 November 2006

Minutes of the Meeting

Asen Kirin, President of the BSC, called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Present: Asen Kirin (President), Lynn Jones (Treasurer), Amy Papalexandrou (Secretary), Charles Barber,Walter Hanak, Tia Kolbaba, Henry Maguire, Ralph Mathisen, Robert Nelson, David Olster.

Regrets: Sarah Bassett, John Birkenmeier (Vice President), Susan Boyd, Anna Gonosová, Leonora Neville, Martha Vinson.

1.  Agenda: The agenda was approved as presented.

2.  Minutes of the Previous Governing Board (27.xi.05):

The minutes were duly approved.

3.  President's Report

  1. Local Arrangements Committee: A. Kirin reported on the difficulties with the local committee for the present conference, which initially refused to accept responsibility for raising money both for the program and for the printing of the program/abstracts. This was ultimately made possible by the generous donation of the graphic designer, who donated her time and expenses, and by profits (in the amount of $6000) left over from the 2005 conference. A.Kirin emphasized that this situation should not become a precedent for future conferences. He also informed the committee that the local arrangements chair for the 2007 conference was aware of the issue and had already begun to raise money for next year’s event. Also mentioned were the difficulties in printing and shipping, which A. Kirin handled himself, and finally the need to print additional copies of the 2005 conference abstracts, all of which affected this year’s budget. R.Nelson, joined by the members, commended A. Kirin for his efforts.
  2. The BSC organization was dissolved in February 2006 but was reincorporated in the state of Florida, with the help of Mr. Segundo Fernandez, Esq., who has kindly worked pro bono for our organization to make this transition possible.
  3. Presidential binder: R.Mathisen inquired whether this collection of information still exists. It does, and A. Kirin will add his own wisdom to it before passing it on to the incoming president.

4.  Old Business

  1. Tousimis Support: A. Kirin announced that Dr. Tousimis had recently changed the prize amounts to be awarded for the graduate student paper competition. These are to be increased to a total of $3000 per year and are broken down as follows: First prize of $1500, Two second prizes of $750 each. The donor requests the following information from the BSC: A list of the committee members and an explanation of their grading protocol; bios of the three winning students; and copies of each of the winning papers.
  2. Treasurer’s report: L.Jones raised the issue of incorporation, and the fact that this year her report includes two and one-half additional months due to the shifting of the fiscal year (and our temporary loss of incorporation). The budget also reflects additional expenses due to the 2004 conference and the need to print additional abstracts.
  3. Electronic version of abstracts: Concerns about the cost of printing the abstracts were raised, and the question of whether an electronic-only version might be more suitable in the future. The issue was discussed, with L.Jones emphasizing that printing should continue since the abstracts are purchased by and reside in libraries and because the BSC profits from these purchases. The committee therefore agreed not to entertain this proposal.
  4. Dumbarton Oaks Liaison committee: The issue of the disbanding of the DO Liaison committee (2005 BSC) was raised by H. Maguire, suggesting that we consider whether it should be reinstated. This is necessitated because of the changes taking place there and the need for outside readers to be kept abreast of these. One reason for disbanding was the expense incurred by the BSC in sending board members. Committee discussed the usual practice of having committee members attend who are local the D.C. area. It was proposed that the committee, consisting of three individuals, be reinstated and that this be announced at the business lunch. The committee should consist of the president or former president and two additional members of the BSC who are planning to attend the spring symposium and who are presently regular readers at DO. A tentative slate was suggested: A.Kirin, W.Hanak, D. Sullivan, and G. Majeska (pending acceptance by the latter two). This committee should continue until such time as no longer needed. A.Kirin proposed the motion, it was seconded by D. Olster and passed unanimously.
  5. New constitution: The work of the committee (consisting of C. Barber, D. Olster, H. Maguire, A-M. Talbot, J. Barker, A. Kirin, and R. Ousterhout) which developed this document was praised. D. Olster made the motion that the Board endorse the new constitution, which was seconded by W. Hanak and passed unanimously.

5.  New Business

  1. Local Arrangements Committee: For future conferences, D.Olster suggested that no proposed venue be accepted without a formal letter from the institution (rather than from an individual), and that this hereafter be a systemic requirement for any venue for the BSC. This was accepted as proposed.
  2. Archivist: A.Papalexandrou noted a letter sent by R. Allison suggesting the need for an archivist. In order to give the issue proper consideration by all members, T. Kolbaba moved to defer any decisions on the matter until a later time, giving the Board the opportunity to read and discuss the proposal. This was seconded by D. Olster and passed unanimously.

6.  Nominating Committee report

On behalf of the Committee, a slate composed of Eustratis Papaioannou, Linda Safran, Adam Schor, Alicia Walker, and Anthony Kaldellis will be presented to the membership at the business the following day.

6.  Adjournment

A.Kirin duly moved that the meeting be adjourned, D.Olster seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. The Meeting was adjourned, therefore, at 8:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Papalexandrou
Secretary, BSC

Governing Board Meeting Session 2
Saturday, November 11, 2006
Minutes of the Meeting

Lynn Jones, Treasurer of the BSC, called the meeting to order at 6:22 p.m.

Present: Anna Gonosová, Walter Hanak, Lynn Jones (Treasurer), Henry Maguire, David Olster, Stratis Papaioannou, Amy Papalexandrou (Secretary), Linda Safran (Local Arrangements Committee Chair, BSC 2007), Adam Schor, and Alicia Walker.

Regrets: Sarah Bassett, John Birkenmeier, Susan Boyd, Ralph Mathison, Leonora Neville, and Martha Vinson.

1. Agenda

The agenda was approved with the following addendum: the office of Vice President was added to item no. 2 “Governing Board Members and Election of Officers.”

2. Governing Board Members and Election of Executive Officers

Members cycling off in 2007: Charles Barber, Asen Kirin, Tia Kolbaba, and Robert Nelson.
New board members (for terms ending in 2010): Stratis Papaioannou, Linda Safran, Adam Schor, and Alicia Walker.
The following officers were elected:
President: Lynn Jones
Vice President: Amy Papalexandrou
Secretary: Alicia Walker
Treasurer: Anna Gonosová

3. 2007 BSC Conference Program

Glenn Peers (not present) was nominated and elected program chair for the Thirty-Third Annual BSC, to be held in Toronto, Canada. The Governing Board agreed that the program chair will select the members of his committee.
D. Olster made a motion that the program chair be required to select his/her committee with representation from multiple fields including archaeology, art history, philology, and history. This was duly seconded by W. Hanak.
A. Schor motioned that the panel chairs be instructed to stop for questions after each paper. This was duly seconded by L. Safran. D. Olster proposed a friendly amendment to the effect that the Program Committee Chair be responsible for instructing the session chairs to this effect. The friendly amendment was accepted.
A. Gonosová inquired regarding whether there exist handbooks for the program chair, local arrangements committee chair, and executive offices. L. Jones reported that these handbooks exist and are in the possession of the current officer or chair.

4. New Business

  1. Reimbursement of the Governing Board
    D. Olster raised the question of whether or not members of the Governing Board should continue to be reimbursed for the Governing Board business dinner and travel to the BSC (retired and independent scholars are eligible for up to $500 for travel expenses). D. Olster conveyed the disapproval of some BSC members over the amount of money previously spent on the Governing Board business dinner and the Dumbarton Oaks Liaison Committee. L. Jones explained that when the D.O. liaison committee is reinstated, committee members will be local scholars of the Washington, D.C. area, an arrangement which will alleviate costs. Discussion ensued. D. Olster made a motion to put this topic on the agenda for discussion of the membership at the next business meeting in 2007.

    L. Jones opened for discussion the possibility of eliminating reimbursement of Governing Board members for the business dinner. Discussion ensued. H. Maguire made a motion to vote to abolish reimbursements for the business dinner. This was duly seconded by D. Olster and unanimously passed by the Governing Board.

    L. Jones opened discussion regarding the reimbursement of independent and retired scholars on the Governing Board for expenses incurred to attend the annual meeting of the BSC. Discussion ensued. A. Schor motioned to vote to have travel and lodging reimbursements limited to independent scholars and to abolish travel and lodging reimbursement for retirees. This was duly seconded by D. Olster and unanimously approved by the Governing Board. L. Jones clarified that reimbursement for members of the Governing Board who are independent scholars will continue at the rate of up to $500 toward accommodations and travel expenses only.
  2. Proper Citation for Payment of Services to the Abstracts Distributor
    L. Jones answered A. Gonosová’s request for clarification regarding the line item to be cited in the Treasurer’s Report for payment to the person distributing abstracts. D. Olster moved to create an “Office of the Abstract Distributor” for the purpose of the line item identification. This was duly seconded by L. Jones and unanimously approved by the Governing Board.
  3. BSC 2007
    L. Safran inquired if it would be possible to offer registrants at the 2007 BSC the option to receive abstracts in PDF form. This was rejected per discussion of the Governing Board at previous meetings. L. Safran inquired where co-sponsors and donors should be recognized in the conference publications. D. Olster explained sponsors and donors can be acknowledged in the program booklet and website, but not in the book of abstracts.
  4. Graduate Student Prize Anonymous Donor
    D. Olster suggested that a formal gesture of thanks be made to the former anonymous donor of the Graduate Student Prize. L. Jones suggested that the travel stipend for graduate students be named after the “previous anonymous donor in recognition of service to the BSC.” D. Olster accepted this gesture as appropriate and sufficient. Asen Kirin (not present; former President of the BSC) will be asked to pursue these arrangements.
  5. Conference Abstract Mailing
    A. Gonosová inquired as to who is responsible for sending the abstracts to those members not in attendance at the annual meeting and conveyed the concern of the membership that abstracts have not been regularly sent in previous years. L. Jones clarified that this is the responsibility of the Local Arrangements Committee.

    L. Safran inquired if, because of postage requirements, it would be possible for abstracts from the 2007 conference to be transported by a member of the BSC to the US so as to avoid unnecessary postage expense from Canada. Discussion ensued. This possibility will be pursued by the 20007 Program Committee.

    A. Walker inquired as to what funds should be used to pay for postage of abstracts. L. Jones clarified that this constituted conference expenses and would be paid with annual conference fund revenue, if available, or by the BSC.
  6. United States National Committee for Byzantine Studies (USNCBS)
    H. Maguire inquired if a separate USNCBS with distinct officers still exists, or if this committee has been assimilated into the BSC. D. Olster reported that the USNCBS still exists as a separate entity but will, from now on, be funded by the BSC and that USNCBS members will be selected by the BSC Governing Board. Discussion of USNCBS expenses ensued. D. Olster clarified that the total costs incurred average about $560 per year. D. Olster suggested that a nominating board for the USNCBS be created. This topic was tabled for future discussion.
  7. BSC Archives
    A. Gonosová inquired if an archive of BSC abstracts exists. L. Jones explained that an informal archive exists at Dumbarton Oaks, but an official archive of abstracts has not been designated.

    A. Papalexandrou brought to the attention of the Governing Board that Bob Allison (not present; BSC webmaster) has recommended that the BSC amend the constitution to include the offices of webmaster and archivist. L. Jones stated that the idea of creating offices should be circulated to the officers for consideration and that these offices should be further defined. A. Papalexandrou will circulate B. Allison’s proposal to the Governing Board for consideration. L. Jones will discuss the proposal with B. Allison after the Governing Board has provided feedback.

5. Adjournment
W. Hanak duly moved that the meeting be adjourned, L. Jones seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. The meeting was adjourned, therefore, at 7:30 pm..

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Walker
Secretary, BSANA

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