Galloping Horse

BSANA welcomes and encourages graduate students and early career contingent scholars* in Byzantine Studies and related fields to attend and participate in the annual conference. Partial reimbursement for travel and lodging are available for eligible applicants who are presenting papers. To qualify, applicants must be members of BSANA, not reside in the area of the conference, and must present a paper in person.

Application for reimbursement must be postmarked by December 31 of the year of the conference and must include: (1) original receipts for accommodations and travel only (scanned receipts are acceptable for e-mail submission), (2) proof of affiliation, if any, (3) a postal address to where the reimbursement check should be sent, or your Paypal address.

Please submit material by email to the Treasurer.

*Early Career Contingent Scholars designate scholars who have earned their PhD within the past 8 years and who do not hold permanent or tenure-track appointments. This includes scholars serving as adjuncts, post-doctoral fellows, contingent faculty, and those holding other non-tenured academic and non-academic positions.

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