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2003 Byzantine Studies Conference Program Update August 15, 2003

I.  Friday, 9:00-10:40 a.m.    Late Antique Politics

Chair:  David Olster, University of Kentucky

"' Whatever will We Do With Glycerius?': Troublesome Politicians, Forcible Ordinations, and Escape into Ecclesiastical Orders in the Early Byzantine Empire"
Ralph W. Mathisen, University of South Carolina

A Tetrarchic Bureaucrat at the American Academy in Rome
David Wright, University of California at Berkeley

Reinterpreting Constans II (641-668)
Walter E. Kaegi, University of Chicago

II.  Friday, 9:00-10:40 am Byzantine and post-Byzantine Liturgy

Chair:  Glenn Peers, University of Texas-Austin

Material Blessings and Miraculous Economy in Late Antiquity
Daniel F. Caner, University of Connecticut, Storrs

A Re-reading of Some Liturgical Iconographic Themes: The case of the Prothesis in Peribleptos, Mystras
Vasileios Marinis, Yale University

The Two-Zone Icon (The Nativity and the Baptism) of the Byzantine Museum in Athens: A Unique Post-Byzantine Iconographic Evidence of the Preservation of an Ancient Tradition
Gerasimos P. Pagoulatos, Hellenic Open University, Athens, Greece.

10:40-11:00 Coffee

III.  Friday, 11:00-12:40  Late Antique and Byzantine Literature

Chair:  Maria Georgopoulou, Yale University

Constantine and the Designs of Publilius Optatianus Porfyrius; Picture Poems as Historical Evidence
Linda Jones Hall, St. Mary's College of Maryland

De-sexing the Sexy and Making the Vixen a Violent Femme:  The Arming and Othering of Maximou the Amazon in Digenis Akritis
E. Warren Perry, Jr., Catholic University of America

Aristotle’s Acolyte:  The Thirteenth-century Greek Translator of De plantis
Elizabeth A. Fisher, George Washington University

IV.  Friday, 11:00-12:40  The Monastery Matejic—Foundation, Art, and Architecture

Chair:  Ida Sinkevic, Lafayette University. 

The Monastery of Matejic and its Times
Dusan Korac, Catholic University of America

The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin at Matejic.  Regional Re-interpretation of Middle Byzantine Constantinopolitan Architecture in the Palaeologan Era?
Jelena Bogdanovic, Princeton University

Some Observations on the Frescoes of the Virgin’s Church in the Monastery of Mateic
Ljubica D. Popovich, Vanderbilt University

12:40-2:00 Lunch

V.  Friday 2:00-4:15  Byzantium between East and West

Chair:  Lynn Jones, Yale University

The Balkan Link of the Byzantine Economy
Elisaveta Todorova, University of Cincinnati

 Did Charlemagne Sack Constantinople? Western Charlemagne Legends as Anti-Byzantine Propaganda (c. 1000-1204)
David A. Michelson, Princeton Universit 

St. Catherine East and West:  Two Icons
Brandie Ratliff, Columbia University

Islamic Influence on Heraldic Symbols in Byzantium
Scott Redford, Georgetown University

VI.  Friday, 2:00-4:15  Kariye Camii Reconsidered

Chair:  Sharon Gerstel, University of Maryland, College Park

More Cracks in the Dome of Heaven
Robert Ousterhout, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne

Saints and State at the Chora
Rob Nelson, University of Chicago

The Role of the Byzantine Institute in the Conservation of Kariye Camii
Natalia Teteriatnikov, Dumbarton Oaks

Restoring Byzantium:  The Rediscovery and Restoration of the Kariye Camii
Holger A. Klein, Columbia University

4:15-4:30  Coffee

4:30-5:30  Outreach Committee Meeting

VII.  Friday, 4:30-5:30  Constantinople 1453

Chair:  Walter Hanak, Shepherd College

The Naval Operations in the Siege of Constantinople 1453:  Sultan Mehmed II Fatih, the New Xerxes
Marios Philippides, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Passio Constantinopolitana:   Pleas for Divine Intervention during the 1453 Siege of Constantinople
Srdjan Rajkovic, University of California, Los Angeles

VIII.  Saturday, 8:30-10:45  The Cult of the Saints

Chair:  Alice-Mary Talbot, Dumbarton Oaks

In Heaven As It Is On Earth: Early Christian Visions of the New Jerusalem
Andrea K. Olsen, Institute of Sacred Music, Yale Divinity School

Ancestors as Icons:  The Lives of Hebrew Saints in Eusebius’ Praeparatio Evangelica
Aaron Johnson, University of Colorado – Boulder

The Cult of Saint Stephen the Protomartyr in Late Antiquity
Maribel Dietz, Louisiana State University

IX.  Saturday, 8:30-10:45  Pastoral Care and Spiritual Guidance

Chair:  Eric Ivison, CUNY-College of Staten Island

Food, Clothing, Shelter, These Three
Martha Vinson, Indiana University

The Art of Arts:  Spiritual Direction according to St. Gregory Nazianzen
George E. Demacopoulos, Fordham University

Sinners as Debtors: Intercessory Power and Textuality in Early Byzantium
Claudia Rapp, University of California, Los Angeles

Adultery in the Heart:  Sexual Fantasy as a Problem in Late Byzantine Canon Law
Patrick Viscuso, Chantilly, Virginia

10:45-11:00 Coffee

11:00-noon  Panel on Professional Development

Saturday, 12:30-2:30 Business Lunch

X.  Saturday 2:30-4:15  Ecclesiastical Councils

Chair:  John Barker, University of Wisonsin-Madison

A Council that Shook the Whole World’:  Conflict and Contest in the Century after Chalcedon
Michael Gaddis, Syracuse University

Missed Opportunity:  The Council of Ferrara-Florence and the Use of Maximus the Confessor’s Theology of the Filioque
A. Edward Siecienski, Fordham University

Tradition and Innovation in Conciliar Procedure:  The Council of Ferrara-Florence (1438-39)
Constantina Scourtis, University of California, Los Angeles

XI.  Saturday 2:30-4:15  Constructing Art

Chair:  Timothy Gregory, Ohio State University

The Mosaic Workshop of Byzantine Madaba
Debra Foran, University of Toronto

Epigrams on Icons
Bissera V. Pentcheva, Columbia University

Dividing the Wall: Architectural Aesthetics in Late Byzantium
Jelena Trkulja, Princeton University

4:15-4:30  Coffee

XII.  Saturday 4:30-6:15  Texts and Textuality

Chair:  Sarolta Takacs, Rutgers University

Re-Presenting the Byzantine Saint:  A Reliquary Box in the Cleveland Museum of Art
Kristine M. Hess, Pennsylvania State University

The Text of Aeschylus’s Persae in the Codices Vaticanus Barberinianus gr. 135 (Se), Vaticanus gr. 1360 (Sg), and Vaticanus gr. 912 (Sn)
Charles J. Zabrowski, Gettysburg College

The Late Antique and Byzantine Use of Indo-European Poetic Patterns
Edwin D. Floyd, University of Pittsburgh

XIII.  Saturday, 4:30-6:15  Byzantine Law

Chair:  John Cotsonis, Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology

A Legal Joke in the Historia Augusta
Michael Johnson, Rutgers University

Monarchy and Equity:  Themistius’ Theory of Imperial Law
Lawrence J. Daly, Bowling Green State University

The Mutilated Nose: Rhinokopia as a Visual Mark of Sexual Offence
Galina Tirnanic, University of Chicago

XIV.  Sunday 8:30-10:15  Theology and Heresy

Chair:  Tia Kolbaba, Rutgers University

Doctrines, Bishops, Monks and Friends: A Network Approach to the ‘School of Antioch’
Adam Schor, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

The Byzantine Bogomil: Dualist Or Strawman?
John F. Shean, College of Staten Island/CUNY

XV.  Sunday, 8:30-10:15  Byzantine Women

Chair:  Paul Halsall, University of North Florida

The Lure of the East:  A New Place and Space for Fourth-Century Female Patrons
D. Kay Woods, University of Kentucky

Ordinary Women and Holy Men:  Women in the Miracles of St. Theodore of Sykeon
Carolyn L. Connor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Andromeda, Charicleia, and the Typical Greek Woman in Heliodorus’ Aithiopika
Katherine Panagakos, Furman University

10:15-10:30  Coffee

XVI.  Sunday, 10:30-12:30  Monks and Holy Men

Chair:  Henry Maguire, Johns Hopkins University

Monastic Companionship:  An Early Byzantine Institution?
Derek Krueger, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

David of Garedji: A Georgian Saint in the Syrian Ascetical Tradition
Christopher Haas, Villanova University

Belvedere in the Desert:  Monastery Towers and Ascetic Vistas
Asen Kirin, The University of Georgia

Urban Monasteries in Constantinople and Thessalonike: Distribution Patterns in Time and Urban Topography
Gunder Varinlioglu, University of Pennsylvania

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