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Twenty-Fifth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference
College Park, Maryland
Business Lunch Minutes
Saturday, November 6, 1999

  1. The meeting was called to order by Claudia Rapp.

  2. The meeting began with the election of the new members of the Governing Board:

    Rebecca Corrie
    John Cotsonis
    Maria Georgopoulou
    Patrick Viscuso

  3. Derek Krueger, Treasurer, presented the Treasurer's Report. Total assets of the BSC as of October 15, 1999 were $24632.23. The budget was approved.

  4. Byzantine Studies Conference - Dumbarton Oaks Liaison Committee:
    • A new, two story, underground library is currently under construction at D.O. Normal operations will not be impeded
  5. The 1998 Award for the best graduate student paper at the BSC was presented to Areti Papanastasiou (The University of Chicago), for her paper entitled "'...such a husband...'" (See BSC Abstracts, 1998, pp. 22-3).

  6. Announcements:

    Dumbarton Oaks

    Derek Krueger, BSC Archives at Dumbarton Oaks:
    The BSC archives have been kept at D.O. During preparations for the construction of the new library it was discovered that four large filing cabinets were filled with copies BSC abstracts. Those abstracts older than five years were largely "deaccessioned." In the future, D.O. will only store large numbers of abstracts less than five years old.

    New library at D.O. Ned Keenan envisions the new library resulting in a better integration of D.O.'s three programs. The old library will accommodate new offices and meeting rooms and permit a modest expansion of these programs in four years or so. A new head librarian has been hired, but each program will still have specialists for area acquisitions.

    Underutilized Programs at D.O.:
    • Bliss Prize Fellowships (especially for those who teach undergraduates)
    • Short Term Residencies for Graduate Students (1-2 week stays at D.O. for those beginning research, studying for exams; free housing, weekday lunch, and library privileges are provided).
    • New Pilot Program for Byzantine Greek Summer School: June 5-30, 2000 (a four week intensive program including similar privileges to those above).

XXth International Conference of Byzantine Studies, Paris, August 19-25, 2001
Nancy Ševčenko urged all who are interested to make their submissions for papers as soon as possible even though the initial September deadline has passed. Exhibitions related to Byzantine Studies will be held in the Louvre, the Biblioth?ue Nationale de France, the Sorbonne and the Cabinet des Medailles. All registrants will also receive free entrance to the Louvre and the Mus e de Cluny.

Twenty-Sixth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, October 26-29, 2000.
Sarolta Takacs announces the location and date of the next BSC. Hotels in Boston area are expensive so attendees are urged to make reservations early.

David Olster announces a new online database on the Suda. Classicists now dominate this project and David would like to see more Byzantinists involved in the study of this Byzantine text.

Eunice Dauterman Maquire ( announced that an exhibition on Byzantine textiles with an exhibition catalog is available for the BSC next year.

Nancy Ševčenko is organizing a new monograph series.

Friends of Mt.Athos
Robert Allison ( described this international, charitable organization which is dedicated to providing support for the well being of the Athonite monasteries, especially for emergency conservation and repair. FoMA is currently supporting the restoration of the Protaton Tower. At its web site (http://www. ( FoMA provides help in planning trips to Mount Athos and a directory of addresses, phone and fax numbers and other useful information. Its newsletters and annual report keep us current on events and issues related to the Holy Mountain. Dues cost $30 per year as of January 2000, and interested BSC members are invited to become members by contacting Robert Allison directly or via the web site.

Travel in Byzantium
Leslie Brubaker announces a conference taking place on April 1-4, 2000. E-mail Ruth Marides in Birmingham for details.

Respectfully submitted, 
Kathleen Maxwell
Secretary, Byzantine Studies Conference

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