Byzantine Studies Conference Archives

Twenty-Ninth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference

Bates College, Lewiston, Maine

Business Lunch Minutes: Saturday, October 18, 2003

1. Patrick Viscuso, President of the BSC, called the meeting to order at 1:09.

2.On the motion duly made by D. Olster and seconded by G. Majeska, the minutes for the Business Lunch meeting in 2002 (5.xi) were approved, with minor corrections added by Sarolta Takacs.

3. President’s Report:

  1. P. Viscuso reported on the successful re-incorporation of the BSC and regularization of the procedure for future years.

  2. He also commended George Contis on behalf of the membership for allowing his collection to be exhibited as part of the Conference.

  3. He also commended Dr. Anastasios Tousimi for providing the cash awards for best graduate-student papers. Dr. Tousimi’s generous support of Byzantine studies was applauded by all present. Dr. Tousimi in turn announced his intention to provide a cash prize for a contribution by a distinguished Byzantinist, and he also announced that he would henceforth give a membership in the Friends of Mount Athos to the outgoing President.

4.Treasurer’s Report – John Cotsonis reported that income for the previous year had resulted in a net profit for the BSC. Alice-Mary Talbot queried the $150 entry for graduate student travel grants, and the Treasurer replied that only one student had requested re-imbursement for 2002. The budget was duly approved.

5. Governing Board Elections - A petition was presented to add one name to the ballot, and a vote was held for the four places from the five candidates. The following were elected to the Governing Board: John Birkenheimer, Lynn Jones, David Olster, Martha Vinson./p>

6. P. Viscuso requested all to stand for a moment of silence to honor those Byzantinists who had died in the past year, and he named, in particular, George Galavaris, Ernst Kitzinger and David Nicol.

7. Graduate Student Prize for 2002 ­ On behalf of the Program Committee, Patrick Viscuso presented the prize to Alicia Walker.

8. Report of BSC/DO Liaison Committee ­ The minutes of the meeting were presented by Paul Halsall to the membership, and on a motion duly made by David Olster, seconded by Claudia Rapp, the minutes were accepted.

9. Report from Dumbarton Oaks: Edward Keenan addressed the membership on the subject of the renovations to the facilities. Alice-Mary Talbot reported on the programs, including a seal and coins seminar in the summer of 2004, graduate student residency program, and a colloquium on Byzantine occult sciences.

10. Announcements -

  1. Griffith Mann announced the dates of the next BSC at the Walters Art Museum and the Johns Hopkins University from 28-31.x.04. An exhibition on the medieval art of Novgorod will also be held.

  2. Asen Kirin announced three exhibitions to be held in conjunction with the 2005 BSC at the University of Georgia.

  3. Robert Ousterhout reported on the preparations of the 2006 Congress to be held in London,

  4. Mount Athos Digital Library ­ Robert Allison described the work of the project and announced the digitization of new manuscripts.

  5. Rebecca Corrie announced in behalf of Helen Evans the exhibition to be held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art that opens 23.iii.04 with a symposium held in conjunction between 16-18.iv.

  6. vi. Maria Georgopoulou reported on a conference to be held in Istanbul 25-9.viii.04 on “1204: Turning Point in Relations between East and West?”

  7. Robert Nelson reported on a 2004 program sponsored by the Getty Summer Institute at Istanbul, “Constructing the Past in the Middle East.”

11. Date and Time of Next Governing Board Meeting — 6:15, 18.x.03.

12. P. Viscuso expressed the membership's thanks to Anthony Kaldellis for his superb work on the organization of the conference and to outgoing members of the Governing Board.

13. Adjournment — On a motion duly made by D. Olster, seconded by C. Rapp, the meeting adjourned at 2:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Glenn Peers, secretary  

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