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Twenty-Eighth Annual Byzantine Studies Conference

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Business Lunch Minutes: Saturday, October 5, 2002

1. Sharon Gerstel, President of the BSC, called the meeting to order at 12:36.

2. S. Gerstel requested all to stand for a moment of silence to honor those who had died in the past year.

3. On the motion duly made by E. Schwartz and seconded by M. Maas, the minutes for the Business Lunch meeting in 2001 (10.xi) were approved.

4. Governing Board Elections  - The following were elected by acclamation to the Governing Board: Charles Barber, Asen Kirin, Tia Kolbaba and Robert Nelson.

5. S. Gerstel expressed thanks on behalf of the membership to John Barker for his compilation of the Directory of American Byzantinists and to Paul Halsall for his work on the BSC web site.

6. Treasurer's Report — Rebecca Corrie reported that income for the previous year had resulted in a net profit for the BSC, offsetting losses from the year before. She also reported that dues notices would be sent out separately as this process had resulted in a net gain in membership dues. The Treasurer's report was duly approved.

7. Report of BSC/DO Liaison Committee — The minutes of the meeting were presented by Eric Ivison to the membership, and on a motion duly made by Patrick Viscuso, seconded by David Olster,  the minutes were accepted.

8. Graduate Student Prize for 2001 — On behalf of the Program Committee, Patrick Viscuso presented the prize to Warren Woodfin.

9. Program Committee Report — The Chair, Emily Albu, reported that blind reading of abstracts would continue, as the policy had been considered a success over the past five years.

10.    Announcements -

  1. Robert Allison announced the dates of the next BSC at Bates College, 16-19.x.03

  2. National Committee of Byzantinists: Robert Ousterhout announced his election as President, of Elizabeth Fisher as Secretary, Alice-Mary Talbot as Treasurer and Kathleen Corrigan as Elections Secretary.

  3. Dumbarton Oaks: A.-M. Talbot brought the recent newsletter to the membership's attention, and she announced that a summer school in medieval Greek would be held in June 2002. The construction of the new library will go ahead as the plans have been approved, and the museum and the parking lot behind the Fellows' Building will close during that construction. A.-M. Talbot also announced the publication of the three-volume Economic History of Byzantium.

  4. Gennadius Library — John Duffy reported that the Library is offering the Frantz Fellowship and an NEH Fellowship for 2003-4, and the position of the Director is being advertised.

  5. Harvard University Exhibit — Ioli Kalavrezou reported on the imminent opening of an exhibition at the Sackler Museum on women in Byzantium, The exhibit will comprise some 180 objects, and it will be open until April 2003. A catalogue will be published, and a symposium will be held in early March.

  6. Metropolitan Museum Exhibit — Sarah Brooks reported on Byzantine Faith and Power, 1261-1557, which will run from 15.iii.04 to 4.vii.04.  A symposium will be held in New York on the weekend of 17.iv in conjunction with the exhibit.

  7. Walters Art Museum Exhibit - Griffith Mann reported on the exhibit on Treasures of Novgorod, the Golden Age of Russian Icons, which will be held in Baltimore from x.04. The 2004 BSC will also be held in Baltimore, co-hosted by the Walters and Johns Hopkins University.

  8. Bates College Exhibit - R. Allison reported on the possible exhibit of the photographic material, "Chora: Scroll of Heaven", to be held in conjunction with the 2003 BSC.

  9. San Francisco Symposium — Kathleen Maxwell reported on a symposium being held on "The First Flowering of Byzantium".

  10. Illinois Symposium — R. Ousterhout reported in a symposium being held at the University of Illinois on "Encounters with Islam — the Medieval Mediterranean Experience" 4-5.iv.03.

  11. Columbia University Exhibit Holgar Klein reported on an exhibit planned for February-April 2004 on "The Rediscovery and Restoration of the Kariye Djami".

  12. Conferences — Ralph Mathisen reported on the second meeting of the WWW and Ancient and Medieval Studies 8-10.xii.02, and the Late Antiquity symposium at Santa Barbara in March 2003.

  13. Mount Athos Digital Library — R. Allison described the work of the project and announced the discovery and digitization of new manuscripts.

11. Date and Time of Next Governing Board Meeting — 5:45, 5.x.02.

12. S. Gerstel expressed the membership's thanks to Anthony Kaldellis for his superb work on the organization of the conference and to outgoing members of the Governing Board, Michael Maas, Noel Lenski and Eric Ivison.

13. Adjournment — 12:27 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Glenn Peers, secretary

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