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Twenty-Seventh Annual Byzantine Studies Conference
Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana

Governing Board Meeting Session 1, November 9, 2001
Minutes of the Meeting

1.  Eric Ivison, President of the BSC, called the meeting to order at 11:40am.

Present: Jane Baun, John Cotsonis, Hugh Elton, Michael Gaddis, Sharon Gerstel, Paul Halsall, Eric Ivison, Michael Maas, Kathleen Maxwell, Marios Philippides, Claudia Rapp, Ellen Schwartz, Patrick Viscuso,

Absent: Rebecca Corrie, Hugh Elton, Maria Georgopoulou, Derek Krueger

Invited Guests: Robert Allison, Timothy Gregory, Ralph Mathisen

2..  The minutes of Governing Board Meeting #1, BSC 2000, were approved.

3.  Twenty-Eighth Byzantine Studies Conference (2002)

Tim Gregory announced that the Twenty-Eighth Byzantine Studies Conference would be held at Ohio State University from October 3-6, 2002.  Tim will serve as the Chair of the Local Arrangements Committee.  The Local Arrangements Advisory Committee comprises: Bob Allison, Charlie Barber, Sharon Gerstel, Timothy Gregory, Kathleen Maxwell, Ellen Schwartz.

4.  Twenty-Ninth Byzantine Studies Conference (2003)

To be hosted by Bates College with Robert Allison and Rebecca Corrie serving as co-chairs of the Local Arrangements Committee

5.  BSC Website:

For a number of reasons, the Byzantine website was not redesigned as planned following the Twenty-Sixth BSC (2000).  Bob Allison came to the rescue and created a BSC Program Website for information related to the Twenty-Seventh BSC (2001).  The Governing Board expressed their gratitude to Bob for providing this service. Members of the Board felt that both the BSC regular website and the program website should be housed together.  Paul Halsall reminded us that we had purchased a domain name and that what we needed to do now was purchase space on a server.  The Board agreed to do this, if appropriate space could be purchased at a reasonable rate. The new domain name for the BSC website is  Finally, a subcommittee was created to make decisions concerning the website and to ensure its viability.  Bob Allison, Paul Halsall, Ralph Mathisen, and Patrick Viscuso agreed to serve on this subcommittee.  Claudia Rapp also brought in the diskettes containing all of the abstracts published by the BSC which she had arranged to have scanned.   These will be available on the website shortly.

6.  Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer's Report was submitted by Rebecca Corrie (in absentia) and presented by Bob Allison.  A one-time expense of $2793.18 for editing and scanning all of the BSC abstracts for the BSC  website was noted.  It was also suggested that the treasurer should evaluate the BSC assets once the current conference expenses have been met to decide if another Certificate of Deposit should be purchased.  The Treasurer's report was accepted by the Governing Board

7.  Secretary's Report

Kathleen Maxwell submitted revised versions of two forms for comment by Board members.   These include the Annual Dues Renewal Form and the Registration Form.  Both forms are attached.  These forms should facilitate record-keeping for the Treasurer and the Secretary and should also ensure that graduate students receive discounts for membership as well as for the business lunch and the banquet at the annual conference.

8.  BSC Sessions at Kalamazoo

There was discussion as to what types of sessions the BSC might sponsor at Kalamazoo in 2003.  It was suggested that these should be pedagogical in nature.  That is, abstracts should be solicited for ways in which Byzantium might be incorporated into introductory Western Civilization courses.  It was decided to return to this subject after the plenary session on Saturday morning during the current BSC which would be devoted to related issues.  Kalamazoo in 2004 will be devoted to the Crusades and will provide many opportunities for session proposals with regard to Byzantium.  It was also suggested that the following individuals should be asked to form a BSC-Kalamazoo Committee: Emily Albu, Giles Constable, Jaroslav Folda, Tia Kolbaba, Jaclyn Maxwell, Sally McKee, and Robert Ousterhout.

9.  Graduate Student Prize Guidelines

The Graduate Student Prize Guidelines were revised by Patrick Viscuso and approved by the Governing Board.  They have been posted on the BSC program website.  This fall, twelve students submitted their papers for participation in the competition.   It was also agreed that the Board should appoint annually an individual to chair the Graduate Student Prize, beginning in 2002.  This person must be a member of the Program Committee.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Maxwell
Secretary, BSC


Governing Board Meeting Session 2, November 10, 2001
Minutes of the Meeting

1. Eric Ivison, President of the BSC, called the meeting to order at 5:50pm.

Present: John W. Barker, Carolyn Connor, John Cotsonis, Michael Gaddis, Sharon Gerstel, Paul Halsall, Eric Ivison, Noel Lenski, Michael Maas, Kathleen Maxwell, Marios Philippides, Ellen Schwartz, Patrick Viscuso,

Absent: Rebecca Corrie, John Duffy, Maria Georgopoulou, Glenn Peers

2. The minutes of Governing Board Meeting #2, BSC 2000, were approved.

3. Distribution of the BSC Constitution and "Corporate Wisdom" by Walter Kaegi and Gary Vikan to all Board members.

4. Nominating Committee for the 2002 Governing Board:

Noel Lenski

Sharon Gerstel

Eric Ivison

Michael Maas

A question was raised concerning the modus operandi of the Nominating Committee for 2001. Were the means by which candidates were nominated as democratic as possible? What, in fact, did the BSC Constitution have to say about the procedures of the Nominating Committee? The relevant portions of the Constitution were reviewed. Some proposed that the Constitution ought to be amended to make these procedures as democratic as possible. Others proposed that a committee ought to be named to look into these issues.

5. Election of Executive Officers:

President: Sharon Gerstel

Vice-President: Ellen Schwartz

Secretary:Glenn Peers

Treasurer:Rebecca Corrie

A procedural error was noted here in that the Nominating Committee 2001 had also prepared a typed slate of the above officers for this meeting. The BSC Constitution specifies that the election of the Executive Officers is the purview of the entire Board and therefore the Nominating Committee had overstepped its limits. After lengthy discussion, John Barker proposed the Nominating Committee should propose at least two candidates for each of the executive officer positions, if possible. He added, that these names should be circulated among the entire Governing Board well before the annual meeting for discussion. This was voted upon and passed.

6. Election of Program Chair:

Emily Albu, University of California, Davis

7. BSC-Dumbarton Oaks Liaison Committee:

Sharon Gerstel, President

Eric Ivison, ex officio

Patrick Viscuso

8. Sharon Gerstel proposed that there should be a formal Governing Board meeting on Thursday evening at 7 pm at the annual conference at Ohio State University. This would be a dinner meeting, the cost of which would be born by the individuals themselves. This was agreed upon by all present at the meeting.

9. A Directory of American Byzantinists

John Barker agreed to look into the costs of producing an updated Directory of American Byzantinists. Prof. Barker compiled and edited the first edition in 1996. He agreed to prepare a questionnaire to be sent out with the BSC Call for Papers in January 2002.

10. Website: Cost of Server Space

Paul Halsall researched the cost of renting server space for the BSC site. He said that it could cost as little as $15.00/month. If we wanted more space, it could be had for $30.00 a month. The Governing Board authorized Paul to spend up to $500 over the next twelve months to rent adequate space for the newly named website:

11. The meeting was adjourned at 7:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Maxwell
Acting Secretary for Glenn Peers

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