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Twenty-Third Annual Byzantine Studies Conference September 26-28, 1997 University of Wisconsin-Madison Madison, Wisconsin

Program of Events

All formal sessions will be held at the Wisconsin Center, 702 Langdon Street, opposite the north entrance to the University's Memorial Library. Some details of the program may be subject to adjustment or clarification. Conference brochure and registration information available from Pat Gaitan, E-mail, phone 608-262-6696, FAX: 608-265-3163. Questions regarding local arrangements may be addressed to Professor John W. Barker, Department of History, Humanities Building, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706; telephone (608) 263-1823; fax (608) 263-5302; E-mail Questions regarding the program should be addressed to Professor Helen Saradi, Department of Languages and Literature, Classics, University of Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1, Canada; telephone (519) 824-4120, #2885. Additional registration information is appended.


9:00 - 5:00: Frank Lloyd Wright Tour (By advance subscription only)

6:00 - 9:00: Reception and Registration Upper Lounge, Lowell Hall (Wisconsin Center Guest House)


8:00 - 9:00:Registration; Coffee and rolls Alumni Lounge, The Wisconsin Center

9:00- 9:15: Welcome and Opening Remarks Lakeshore Room

9:15- 11:00: Session One: Old and New Discoveries and their Interpretations Lakeshore Room

Chair: [To be Announced]

Anthony Cutler (Pennsylvania State University): New Byzantine Ivories, Ancient and Modern

Natalia Teteriatnikov (Dumbarton Oaks): Devotional Crosses in the Columns and Walls of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

Glenn Peers (Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada): Framing the Crucifixion

Eric A. Ivison (College of Staten Island, CUNY): Looking for Lascarids: The Tomb of the Emperor Theodore II and the Imperial Monastery of Sosandra at Nymphaeum

9:15-11:00: Session Two: Imperial and Aristocratic Images and Ideology Room 313

Chair: Ralph W. Mathisen (University of South Carolina)

Claudia Rapp (University of California, Los Angeles): Imperial Ideology in the Making: Eusebius of Caesarea on Constantine as "Bishop"

Hugh Elton (Trinity College, Hartford): Illus and the Imperial Aristocracy under Zeno

Gregor Kalas (Bryn Mawr College): The Virgin Intervenes as an Empress at S. Maria Antiqua (Rome)

Sharon E. J. Gerstel (University of Maryland): Constructing a Sainted Empress

11:00- 11:15: Break, with refreshments Alumni Room

11:15- 12:30Session Three: Imperial Images and Symbolism
Lakeshore Room

Chair: Robert Nelson (University of Chicago)

Elizabeth Gittings (Harvard University): A Re- evaluation of Imperial Imagery, Icons, and Prayer in the Miniatures of the Late Eleventh-Century Barbarini Psalter

Lynn Jones (Jenkintown, PA): Eagles, Griffins, and Comnenian Imperial Imagery

Irine Nikoleishvili (Tbilisi State University, Georgia): The Images of Historical Persons on X-XI Century Georgian Altar Screens

Mark J. Johnson (Brigham Young University): A Lost Mosaic Portrait of Roger II and Bishop Leontius II of Gerace

11:15- 12:30: Session Four: Pilgrimage and Theoretical Approaches in the East and West
Room 313

Chair: George P. Majeska (University of Maryland)

Dorothea R. French (Santa Clara University): Domesticating the Charismatic: Architecture and Pilgrimage to Simeon Stylites

Maribel Dietz (Louisiana State University): Pilgrimage and Monastic Wandering: Huneberc's Life of Willibald

Alice-Mary Talbot (Dumbarton Oaks): Pilgrimage by Byzantine Women

12:45- 2:15: Business Lunch [Room to be announced] (by subscription)

2:30- 4:45: Session Five: Expressions of Ritual and Devotion in Byzantium
Lakeshore Room

Chair: [To be announced]

Béatrice Caseau (Universit de Paris IV Sorbonne): Incense and Perfume in Byzantine Churches

Dora Piguet-Panayotova (Paris, France): Two Hexagonal Decorated Silver Censers from the Time of Mauricius (582-602)

Susan A. Boyd (Dumbarton Oaks): Ex-voto Therapy: A Copper Votive Plaque with Saint Hermolaos

Jacquelyn Tuerk (University of Chicago): How Words and Images Work: An Early Byzantine Inscribed Amulet Addresses Uterine Hemorrhage

2:30 - 4:45: Session Six: Navigation, Shipping, and Trade
Room 313

Chair: [To be announced]

R. Scott Moore (Ohio State University): Ceramic Evidence for Byzantine Trade on the Island of Cyprus

Frederick M. Hocker (Institute of Nautical Archaeology): A Middle Byzantine Merchant Venture: Recent Discoveries from the Bozburun Shipwreck

Elisaveta Todorova (University of Cincinnati): Black Sea Shipping and Navigation in the Byzantine Era

2:30- 4:45 Session Seven: Texts and Culture
Room 311

Chair: Claudia Rapp (University of California, Los Angeles)

Jacqueline Long (The University of Texas at Austin): Julia-Jokes in Macrobius's Saturnalia

Charles F. Pazdernik (Princeton University): Procopius and Thucydides on the Labors of War: Belisarius and Brasidas in the Field Hagith Sivan (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton): The End of Byzantine Palestine

Maria Mavroudi (Harvard University): Remarks on the Byzantine Translations from Arabic into Greek

5:00- 7:00 Exhibition, "Byzantium, from Russia and Wisconsin"
Rare Book Room, Memorial Library (special hours)

6:00- 8:00: Reception
Alumni Lounge (Wisconsin Center)

Dinner (on your own in Madison)


8:00- 9:00 Coffee and rolls
Alumni Lounge

9:00- 10:45: Session Eight: Relations between Visual Art and Texts
Lakeshore Room

Chair: [To be announced]

Elizabeth A. Fisher (George Washington University): Nikephoros, Patriarch of Constantinople, in Word and Image

Margaret Kenny (The Queen's University, Belfast): Text vs. Image: The Relationship between Dream Narratives and Marginal Illustrations in Middle Byzantine Illuminated Manuscripts

Kathy Jo Wetter (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): The Original Copy of Constantine VII's Narratio de Imagine Edessena

Kathleen Maxwell (Santa Clara University): Modus Operandi of Scribes and Artists in Paris, Biblioth que National, Codex Grec 54

9:00- 10:45: Session Nine: Ecclesiastical Literature and Hagiography
Room 313

Chair: [To be announced]

Leslie Dossey (Harvard University): Recovering the Popular Ecclesiastical Literature of Byzantine North Africa

Jennifer L. Hevelone-Harper (Princeton University): St. Ephrem and the Surrender of Nisibis

Stephen H. Rapp, Jr. (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor): Sense of Community in Early Georgian Hagiography

John V. A. Fine (University of Michigan at Ann Arbor): The Slavic Saint Jerome: An Entertainment

Hieromonk Alexander (Golitzin) (Marquette University): Ascent to Heaven: Nicetas Stethatos, the Liturgies of Heaven and of the Heart, and Elements from the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha

10:45- 11:00: Break, with refreshments
Alumni Room

11:00- 12:45: Session Ten: Early Byzantine Architecture and Patronage
Lakeshore Room

Chair: Anthony Cutler (Pennsylvania State University)

Bissera V. Pentcheva (Sackler Museum, Harvard): A Reassessment of the Hippodrome at Constantinople

Gillian Mackie (University of Victoria, Canada): A New Look at the Patronage of Santa Costanza, Rome

Carolyn L. Connor (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): The Epigram on the Church of Hagios Polyeuktos in Istanbul and its Byzantine Response

11:00-12:45: Session Eleven: Aspects of Byzantine Diplomatic Missions
Room 313

Chair: Ronald J. Weber (University of Texas at El Paso)

Daniel J. Sahas (University of Waterloo, Canada): Photius' Diplomatic Missions to the Arabs: Religious and Theological Dimensions and Ramifications

Sophis Mergiali (University of Crete): Relics as Diplomatic Gifts during the Reign of Manuel II Palaeologus

Liliana Simeonova (Institute for Balkan Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): A Diplomat's Occupational Hazards: Near Eastern Diplomacy in the 1400s through the 1460s

12:45- 2:00: Lunch (on your own in Madison)

2:00-4:15: Session Twelve: Church, Theology, and Heresy in Early Byzantium
Room 311

Chair: [To be announced]

Naomi Janowitz (University of California-Davis): Making Something out of Nothing: Monotheism, Evil, and Definitions of Gnosticism in Late Antique Society

Patrick T. R. Gray (York University, Canada): Four Popes and a Council: The Victory of Obfuscation

Michael Redies (Freie Universit t Berlin): Cyril and Nestorius: A New Interpretation of the Origins of the Theotokos-Debate

David B. Evans (St. John's University): Leontios of Byzantion and the Tradition of Byzantine Christology: Is the Human Nature of Jesus Christ an Enhypostasized Nature?

2:00- 4:15: Session Thirteen: Interpretations of Church Decoration
Lakeshore Room

Chair: [To be announced]

Linda Safran (The Catholic University of America): Devotion and Desire: Donors in South Italian Wall Paintings

Robert S. Nelson (University of Chicago): Socially Symbolic Narration at the Church of the Chora in Constantinople

George Stri University of Cincinnati): The Pentecost Mosaic in the South Gallery of St. Sophia

2:00- 4:15: Session Fourteen: Family Sexuality and the Body in Byzantium
Room 313

Chair: Derek Krueger (The University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Nikos Kalogeros (University of Chicago): Byzantine and Modern Perceptions of Byzantine Childhood: The Evidence of Early and Middle Byzantine Hagiography

Stephen M. Wagner (University of Delaware): The Children Will Suffer No More: Images of Protection in Early Byzantine Thessalonica

John W. Birkenmeier (The Catholic University of America): Wounds and Wounding in Byzantium: Perception and Reality

Paul Halsall (Fordham University): Wedded to Christ: Nuptiality and Gender Reversal in the Lives of Byzantine Male Saints

Patrick Viscuso (Chantilly, VA): Sexual Intercourse and Priesthood: Late Byzantine Views on Marriage and Ordination

4:15- 4:30: Break, with refreshments
Alumni Lounge

4:30- 6:15 Session Fifteen: Archaeology and Urban Settlements
Room 313

Chair: Helen Saradi (University of Guelph)

Asen Kirin (Princeton University): Serdica of Constantine the Great

Timothy E. Gregory (Ohio State University): Archaeological Survey on the Island of Dokos in the Gulf of Argos, Greece

Susan T. Stevens (Randolph-Macon Woman's College): A Suburban Christian Complex at Bir Ftouha (Carthage)

Christine Zitrides (Florida State University): The Use of Opus Sectile in the Church Complex at Bir Ftouha, Carthage

4:30- 6:15: Session Sixteen: Byzantine Monasticism
Room 311

Chair: Patrick T. R. Gray (York University, Canada)

Cynthia Villagomez (University of California, Los Angeles): Positive Attitudes towards Monastic Wealth in the Church of the East in the Sixth and Seventh Centuries

Monica J. Blanchard (Institute of Christian Oriental Research, The Catholic University of America): The Georgian Heritage of Theodore Abu Qurrah

Michael Gaddis (Princeton University): Patriarchs and Monks: Politics and Violence in the Fifth-Century Eastern Chruch

John F. Shean (University of Wisconsin-Madison): Bogomilism: A Monastic Dualist Development?

4:30- 6:15: Session Seventeen: Reviving Byzantine Music and Liturgy
Lakeshore Room

Chair: John W. Barker (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Gregory Myers (Burnaby, British Columbia): The "Melody of Speech": The Slavonic Transformation of Byzantine Music and Poetry

Diane Touliatos (University of Missouri, St. Louis): Revitalization of Byzantine Chant and Liturgy: State of the Question

Yioryos Bilalis (Philadelphia, PA): Modern Greek Liturgical Practice and its Application in American Orthodoxy - with musical illustrations performed by the ROMEIKO ENSEMBLE

6:30 Reception and Banquet (by advance subscription)
Great Hall, Memorial Union

Concert of Orthodox Liturgical Music Choir of Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, Madison George Tzougros, dir. with the Romeiko Ensemble, Yiorgos Bilalis, dir.


8:00- Coffee and rolls 9:00 Alumni Lounge

9:00- 10:45: Session Eighteen: Pioneers of Byzantine Studies inAmerica, III
Lakeshore Room

Chair: John W. Barker (University of Wisconins-Madison)

Walter K. Hanak (Shepherd College): "Father" Francis Dvornik: An Indefatigable Scholar

Dale Kinney (Bryn Mawr College): Richard Krautheimer: Teacher and Scholar

Ellen C. Schwartz (Michigan University): Hugo Buchthal: Manuscripts and Memories

David H. Wright (Oakland, CA): Wilhelm Koehler and the Original Plan for Research at Dumbarton Oaks

9:00- 10:45: Session Nineteen: Early Byzantine Art and Artists: Cultural and Social Contexts
Room 313

Chair: Frank M. Clover (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Sheila McNally (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis): Spiritual Progress: Alternative Models Shown on Two Textiles

Elizabeth S. Bolman (Bryn Mawr College): Food for Salvation: The Coptic Galaktotrophousa

Jennifer L. Russell (Pennsylvania State University): Confessional Markers or Signs of a Common Culture? Interpreting Late Antique Pyxides

Linda Jones Hall (The University of Dayton): The Social Status of Artisans and Merchants in Late Antique Berytus and Tyre: Wealth and the Opportunity for Advancement

10:45- 11:00: Break, with refreshments
Alumni Lounge

11:00- 12:45: Session Twenty: Byzantium and the East: Political, Economic, and Cultural Relations
Room 313

Chair: Walter E. Kaegi, Jr. (University of Chicago)

Jennifer L. Ball (New York University): Manifestations of Borderland Culture in Hosios Loukas and the Pigeon House Church: A Re-examination of Provincial

Charles M. Brand (Bryn Mawr College): Adventures of an Imperial Translator

Nevra Necipoglu (Bogazi i University, Istanbul): Ottoman Conquests and the Byzantine Local Aristocracy: The Archontes of Thessalonike

11:00-12:45: Session Twenty-One: Aspects of Byzantine Economy: Coins, Weights, and Trade
Lakeshore Room

Chair: [To be announced]

Martin Beckmann (McMaster University, Canada): A Geographical Study of the Palaeography of Early Byzantine Coin Inscriptions

Mary Margaret Fulghum, Florent Heintz (Harvard University): A Hoard of Early Byzantine Glass Weights from Sardis

Florin Curta (Western Michigan University): Trade or Tarqans? Early Medieval Hoards of Iron Implements and Weapoons in Eastern Europe

Rudi Paul Lindner (University of Michigan): Coinage and Exchange in Thirteenth-Century Anatolia




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