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Twenty-Second Annual Byzantine Studies Conference
October 24-27, 1996
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, North Carolinia


All sessions will be held at The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education in Chapel Hill. Questions regarding local arrangements may be addressed to:

Professors Carolyn Connor,
Department of Classics,
CB #3145,
UNC-Chapel Hill,
Chapel Hill NC

fax 919-962-4036;

Jaroslav Folda,
Department of Art,
CB #3405,
UNC-Chapel Hill,
Chapel Hill NC

919-962-3036 or 919-962-2015;

or Dorothy Verkerk, D
epartment of Art,
CB #3405,
UNC-Chapel Hill,
Chapel Hill NC

919-962-0729 or 919-962-2015.

Questions regarding the program should be addressed to:
Professor Elizabeth Fisher,
Department of Classics,
Academic Center T345,
The George Washington University,
Washington DC 20052,

202-994-6184, fax 202- 994-6231.

Thursday, October 24

6:00-9:00: Reception and registration
Sheraton Imperial Hotel

Friday, October 25

9:00- 9:15: Opening remarks
Grumman Auditorium

9:15- 11:00: Session One: Christian Conversion of the Late Antique City
Seminar Room

Chair Peter Kaufmann (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Carolyn S. Snively (Gettysburg College): Burials and City Walls: The Case of Late Antique Athens

Beatrice Caseau (University of Paris IV-Sorbonne): Violence in Late Antiquity: A Bias of our Sources?

Richard M. Rothaus (St. Cloud State University): Mutilation of Sculpture in Late Antiquity: Images and Power

9:15- 11:00: Session Two: Pioneers of Byzantine Studies in America, II
Dogwood Room

Chair. John W. Barker (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Demetrios. Constantelos (Stockton College of New Jersey): Peter Charanis: A Pioneer in Byzantine Studies

Rudi Lindner (University of Michigan): Paul J. Alexander: "There is No One Whose Loss Would Be a More Serious Blow"

Angeliki E. Laiou (Dumbarton Oaks): Robert Lee Wolff (1915-1980)

George P. Majeska (University of Maryland): George Soulis and the Slavic Connection

11:15- 12:30: Session Three: Reconstructing Byzantium From Beyond Its Borders
Seminar Room

Chair. Constantine N. Tsirpanlis (American Institute for Patristic and Byzantine Studies, Inc.)

S. Peter Cowe (University of California at Los Angeles): New Light on the Evolution of the Byzantine Coronation Liturgy

Nicolas Schidlovsky (New York, NY): Byzantine Chant and the Early Slavic Sources

Thalia Gouma-Peterson (The College of Wooster): Autonomy and Control in the Early History of the Convent of the Apostle Andrew in Kephalonia

11:15- 12:30: Session Four: Archaeological Perspectives on Economy and Society
Dogwood Room

Chair.- Sharon Gerstel (University of Maryland)

James Russell (University of British Columbia): The Reign of Zeno I (the Isaurian): The View From Isauria

Frederick M. Hocker (Institute of Nautical Archaeology/ Texas A&M University): A Middle Byzantine Shipwreck Near Bozburun, Turkey: A Preliminary Report

Robert Ousterhout (University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign): The Byzantine Monuments of Imbros

12:45-2:15: Business Lunch
Trillium Room (by subscription only)

2:30- 4:45: Session Five: Identity and Ethnicity
Dogwood Room

Chair Elisaveta Todorova (University of Cincinnati)

Ronald J. Weber (University of Texas at El Paso): Conceptualizing the Frontier in Late Antiquity

David Olster (University of Kentucky): Mixed-Up Natures and Customs? Christians and the "Third Genos"

Stephen H. Rappjr. (University of Michigan): The Impact of Heraclius'lnvasion of Caucasia Upon Medieval "Georgian" Self -Identity

Annetta Ilieva (Sofia, Bulgaria): "Tervel of Bulgaria and Gliavanos the Khazar Took Their Places There on Many Occasions..."

John V. A. Fine (University of Michigan): Did the South Slavs Have Ethnicity in the Middle Ages?

2:30- 4:45: Session Six: Constantinople and Its Ceremonies
Seminar Room

Chair George M*ska (University of Maryland)

Ahmet S. Cakmak (Princeton University), Rabun Taylor (University of Minnesota), Eser Durukal (Bogazi@i University): Hagia Sophia: A Possible Reconstruction of the First Dome

Natalia Teteriatnikov (Dumbarton Oaks): The Patriarchal Quarters in the South Gallery of Hagia Sophia: Where Was the Patriarch's Throne?

Kim Bowes (Princeton University): The Monumental Columns of Constantinople and Their Role in Urban Ceremony

Dean A. Miller (University of Rochester): The Founder's Ghost and Other Puzzles: Parsing Ritual in Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus

loli Kalavrezou (Harvard University): The Rod of Moses in Byzantine Court Ceremonial

5:15- 7:00 Reception
Ackland Art Museum Sponsored by the Institute for the Arts and Humanities

Saturday, October 26

9:00- 10:45: Session Seven: Byzantium and the West Through the Age of Charlemagne
Dogwood Room

Chair. Lawrence Nees (University of Delaware)

Deborah Mauskopf Deliyannis (Western Michigan University): Visualizing an Imperial Capital: Charlemagne and Ravenna

Genevra Kornbluth (Youngstown State University): Carolingian and Middle Byzantine Cameos: A Case of Western Influence?

9:00-10:45: Session'Eight: Economic Perspectives on Late Antiquity/Early Byzantium
Seminar Room

Chair Richard J.A. Talbert (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Thomas R. Elliott (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Diocletianic Census Inscriptions of the Aegean Islands and Asia Minor

Timothy E. Gregory (Ohio State University): Realities of the Byzantine Economy: Views From the Cypriot Kitchen

A. L. McClanan (Harvard University): Byzantine Steelyard Weights Depicting Empresses

Peter Lampinen (Combined Caesarea Expeditions): Autonomous Civic Coinage in Seventh-Century Syria, Palestine and the End of Byzantine Rule in the East

11:00- 12:45: Session Nine: Byzantines and Latins: Friends and Foes
Seminar Room

Chair Charles M. Brand (Bryn Mawr College)

Tia M. Kolbaba (Princeton University): Byzantines, Latins, and Holy War: Attitudes Toward Religiously Inspired Violence Before and After 1204

Eric A. Ivison (Clarion State University of Pennsylvania): A Moment of West-East Cultural Exchange: Byzantine Funerary Chalices

Frederick A. Schultz (Ohio State University): The Economy of Fourteenth-Century Corinth: Commercial and Agricultural Administration During the Acciaioli Period

Joan Marguerite Downs (University of Michigan): The Medieval Settlement at the Hexamilion Fortress at Isthmia: A Byzantine Center in the Corinthia

11:00-12:45: Session Ten: Theology in an Eastern Context
Dogwood Room

Chair. Sidney Grif fith (Catholic University of America)

Robin Darling Young (Catholic University of America): Eznik of Kolb on the Nature of the Creator

Patrick T. R. Gray (York University): Theological Discourse in he Seventh Century: The Heritage From the Sixth Century

Daniel J. Sahas (University of Waterloo): Hesychastic and Sufi Experiences in the Confutatio Hagareni of Bartholomeus of Edessa (9thc.?)

2:00-4:15: Session Eleven: Prosopography and History
Dogwood Room

Chair Claudia Rapp (University of California at Los Angeles)

Thomas Brauch (Central Michigan University): Byzantine and Patristic Evidence of an Urban Prefectship f or Themistius Under Valens

Hagith S. Sivan (Institute for Research in the Humanities, Princeton): Forbidden Unions in the Early Byzantine Empire: A Prosopographical Evaluation

Ralph W. Mathisen (University of South Carolina): The Integration of Barbarian and Roman Society in the Early Byzantine Empire: Evidence From the Biographical Database f or Late Antiquity

Hugh Elton (Trinity College): The isaurians and the Early Byzantine Empire, AD 300-700

Dion C. Smythe (King's College, London): Traditional Middle Byzantine Family Values?

2:00- 4:15: Session Twelve: Word and Image as Instruments of the Faith
Seminar Room

Chair Mary-Lyon Dolezal (University of Oregon)

Derek Krueger (The University of North Carolina at Greensboro): Visual Metaphors f or Narrative Representation in Early Byzantine Saints' Lives

Glenn Peers (Waterloo, Ontario): On the Sentience of Images ca.815

Dorothy Abrahamse (California State University, Long Beach): The Vita of David, Symeon, and George: Sources, Structure, and Date

Federica Ciccolella (Universit di Roma I "La Sapienza"): Basil 1 and the Jews: A Laudatory Poem of the Ninth Century

Kathleen Corrigan (Dartmouth College): The Homilies of Gregory Nazianzen, Turin C.I.6, and Its Historiated Initials

4:30- 6:15: Session Thirteen: Historiography and Learning in Antiquity
Dogwood Room

Chair. John F. Mathews (Yale University)

Jacqueline Long (University of Texas at Austin): Memories of Zenobia

Charles Pazdernik (Princeton University): Procopius and Thucydides on Freedom and Slavery

Raffaella Cribiore (Columbia University): Books and Teachers'Models in Byzantine Schools

4:30- 6:15: Session Fourteen: Byzantium Through Eastern Eyes
Seminar Room

Chair. Susan Ashbrook Harvey (Brown University)

Monica J. Blanchard (Catholic University of America): The Zoology of Eznik of Kolb: The Nature of the Creatures

Joel Thomas Walker (Princeton University): Crosses and Fire Altars: Sasanian Seals as Evidence f or Christianity Within the Persian Aristocracy

Antony Eastmond (University of Warwick): Christians and Muslims in Trebizond: The Decoration of the Church of Hagia Sophia

6:30 Reception and Banquet
(traditional North Carolina barbecue with entertainment by "The Blue Grass Experience") Trillium Room

10:00 Buses return to conference hotel from The Friday Center

Sunday, October 27

9:00-10:45: Session Fifteen: The Byzantines at Home
Redbud Room

Chair Alice-Mary Talbot (Dumbarton Oaks)

Helen Saradi (University of Guelph): The Subdivision of Large Houses in the Early Byzantine Period: The Evidence of the Papyri

Douglas O'Roark (Mesa State College): Parenthood in Early Byzantium as Evidenced by Chrysostom

M. P. Vinson (Bloomington, IN): The Empress Theodora and the Cult of Domesticity in Byzantine Hagiography

Patrick D..Viscuso (Chantilly, VA)- The Prohibition of Second Marriage f or Women Married to Priests

9:00-10:45: Session Sixteen: Vision and Revision of Works of Art .
Dogwood Room

Chair Nancy P. Ševčenko (Princeton University)

Dorothy H. Verkerk (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill):Job on a Dung Heap: An Appropriate Funerary Symbol?

Stephen R. Zwirn (Dumbarton Oaks): Leaping Leopards in the Canon of Early Byzantine Art?

Carolyn L. Connor (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Polychromy on Two Ivories of the Forty Martyrs: A Dramatic Reversal

Ljubica D. Popovich (Vanderbilt University): Body Language of the Standing Prophet Figures: A Case of Creative Expression in Palaeologan Monumental Painting,

11:00- 12:45: Session Seventeen: Methods of Warfare and Diplomacy
Redbud Room

Chair George T. Dennis, S.J. (Catholic University of America)

Everett L. Wheeler (Duke University): Magic in Late Antique Warfare and Byzantine Military Theory

Alfred Buchier (Berkeley, CA): Leo the Deacon, Nikephoros II Phokas and Byzantine Martial Music

Denis F. Sullivan (University of Maryland): Sappers in Military Manuals and Historical Sources: The Intersection of Pedagogy and Practice

Liliana Simeonova (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences): The Fatal Abuse: Kantakuzenos' Embassies to the Bulgarians and the Serbs

11:00-12:45: Session Eighteen: Churches and the Builders lntention
Dogwood Room

Chair Annabel Wharton (Duke University)

Frank M. Clover (University of Wisconsin, Madison): Count Ricimer and the "Church of the Holy Apostles"

Irfan Shahid (Dumbarton Oaks): The Church of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus in Constantinople: Who Built It and Why?

Svetlana Popovic (Greenbelt, MD): Are Typika Sources for Architecture: The Case of the Monasteries of Theotokos Evergetis, Chilandari and Studenica

1:15- Reception
National Humanities Center

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