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Tousimis Prize Winners

2012 BSC (Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in Brookline, Massachusetts)

1st prize: Erika Nuti, University of Turin

2nd prize (two winners):

  • Rene Chaffins, Ohio State University
  • Jason Fossella, St. Louis University

2011 BSC (DePaul University, Chicago)

1st prize:Erika Nuti (University of Turin), "Reconsidering Renaissance Greek
Grammar Through the Case of Chrysoloras’ Erotemata’"

2nd prize (two winners):

  • C. Rene Chaffins (University of Wisconsin-Madison), "Niketas
    Choniates’ Proteus: Rethinking the Paradoxical “Roles” of Andronikos
  • Jason Fossella (Saint Louis University), "'Waiting Only for a
    Pretext': A New Chronology for the Sixth-Century Byzantine Invasion of

2010 BSC (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia)

1st prize: Naomi Ruth Pitamber (UCLA), “The Second Hagia Sophia of Byzantium, in İznik/Nicaea”
2nd prize: Jonathan Stanfill (Fordham University), “Baiting the Hook: John Chrysostom’s Defense of His Barbarian Mission”
3rd prize: Marion Kruse (Ohio State University), “Byzantine and Sasanian Imperial Competition in Sixth-Century Arabia”

2009 BSC (Florida State University)

1st prize: Jordan Pickett (University of Pennsylvania), “A Regional Logistics Study: Three Examples from Cappadocia

2nd prize: Ivan Drpić (Harvard University), “Notes on Byzantine Panagiaria

3rd prize: Sofia Georgiadou (University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana), “The Architectural Projects of Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas (1266/8-1296/8) and Anna Palaiologina in Arta, Epiros”

2008 BSC (Rutgers University)

1st prize: Benjamin Anderson (Bryn Mawr College), “The Sociology of Art in Eighth-century Constantinople:  Vat. Gr. 1291 and the Parastaseis Syntomoi Chronikai
2nd prize: David Yates (Brown University), “The Rediscovery of the Roman Republic in 11th and 12th Century Byzantine Hagiography”
3rd prize: Henry Schilb (Indiana University—Bloomington), “An Unpublished, Sixteenth-century Epitaphios in the Indiana University Art Museum”

2007 BSC (University of Toronto)

1st prize: Richard Payne (Princeton University), “Christian Elites and Ecclesiastical Factionalism in the Sixth-Century Sasanian Empire: The 'Reforms' of Mar Aba”

2nd prize: Kevin Kalish (Princeton University), “A Perspective from Below: The Lament of Hades in Romanos and the Byzantine Liturgical Tradition”

3rd prize: Justin Leidwanger (University of Pennsylvania), “Structure and Scale in the Maritime Economy of Early Byzantine Cyprus”

2006 BSC (St. Louis)

1st prize: Kevin Kalish (Princeton University), “A Christian Narrative in Homeric Verse: The Melding of Poetic Traditions in the Vision of Dorotheus and the Emergence of Christian Hexameter Poetry”

2nd prize: Örgü Dalgiç (Institute of Fine Arts, NYU), “The Triumph of Dionysus in Constantinople: A Mosaic and Its Context”

3rd prize: Travis Lee Clark (Temple University), “Behold the Cosmos: The Virgin Frontispieces of Smyrna Evangelical School B.8”

2005 BSC (University of Georgia, Athens)

1st prize: David Michelson (Princeton University), ““Though He Cannot Be Eaten, We Consume Him”:
Liturgical and Devotional Contexts for Opposition to Chalcedon
at the End of the Fifth Century”

2nd prize: Marica Cassis (University of Toronto), “Çadir Höyük: A Byzantine Settlement in Central Anatolia”

3rd prize: Eric Martin (University of Tennessee), “Bishop Athanasius and the Sacrament Mime: The Remnant of an Arian Slur?”

2004 BSC (Walters Art Museum and Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore)

1st prize: Günder Varinlioglu (University of Pennsylvania), “The Rural Landscape and Built Environment at the End of Antiquity: Limestone Villages of Southeastern Isauria”

2nd prize: Young Kim (University of Michigan), “The Heresiarch as Unholy Man: The Panarion of Epiphanius of Cyprus as Collective Biography”

3rd prize: Cristina Toma (University of Maryland. College Park), “Rhodian Portrait Ceramics: Objects of Trade and Gift Exchange”

2003 BSC (Bates College)

1st prize: David A. Michelson (Princeton University), “Did Charlemagne Sack Constantinople? Western Charlemagne Legends as Anti-Byzantine Propaganda (c. 1000-1204)”

2nd prize: Galina Tirnanić (University of Chicago), “The Mutilated Nose: Rhinokopia as a Visual Mark of Sexual Offence”

3rd prize: D. Kay Woods (University of Kentucky), “The Lure of the East: A New Place and Space for Fourth-Century Female Patrons”


2002 BSC (Ohio State University)
Alicia Walker (Harvard University),
“Unpacking the Darmstadt Casket”

2001 BSC (University of Notre Dame)
Warren Woodfin (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign),
“Clothing the Icon: The Podea and Analogous Liturgical Textiles”

2000 BSC (Harvard University)
Maureen Reissner-O’Brien (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill),
“The Gynaeceum, The Kindergarten, and the Vienna Genesis: Biblical and Extra- Biblical Imagery in Folio 16r”

1999 BSC (University of Maryland)
Bissera V. Pentcheva (Harvard University),
“A New Image of the Virgin in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Constantinople”

1998 BSC (University of Kentucky–Lexington)
Areti Papanastasiou (University of Chicago),
“. . . such a husband . . .”

1997 BSC (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
Elizabeth S. Bolman (Bryn Mawr),
“Food for Salvation: The Coptic Galaktotrophousa”

1996 BSC (University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill)
Kim Bowes (Princeton University),
“The Monumental Columns of Constantinople and Their Function in Urban Ceremony”

1995 BSC (New York University/Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Demetrios Kyritses (Harvard University),
“The ‘Common Chrysobulls’ of Cities and the Pattern of Ownership in Late Byzantium”

1994 BSC (University of Michigan–Ann Arbor)
Glenn Peers (Johns Hopkins University),
“Angelic Epiphany and Artistic Imagination”

1993 BSC (Princeton University)
Olenka Pevny (Institute of Fine Arts, New York University),
"Patronage and Church Decoration in Kievan Rus': A Study of the Church of St. Cyril in Kiev"

1992 BSC (University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign)
Mary Lee Coulson (Courtauld Institute of Art)
Re Protomaiolica in 12th-Century Corinth”

1991 BSC (Hellenic College/Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology, Brookline, Mass.)
Maria Georgopoulou (UCLA),
“Venice and Byzantine Chandx/Candia (Crete): A Western Interpretation of Byzantine Culture”

1990 BSC (Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore)
Dorothy Verkerk (Rutgers University),
“Liturgy and Narrative in the Exodus Cycle of the Ashburnham Pentateuch”

1989 BSC (University of Massachusetts–Amherst)
Thomas Dale (Johns Hopkins University),
“Venice and Aquileia: A Dialogue in Pictures”