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OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES (As printed in 1984 Abstracts)

Officers 1983-84:

  • President, Frank Clover
  • Vice-President, Nancy Ševčenko
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Emily Albu Hanawalt

Governing Board:

Serving to the 1987 Conference

  • Emily A. Hanawalt
  • James Morganstern
  • Robert Nelson
  • John Rosser

Serving to the 1986 Conference-

  • Dorothy Abrahamse
  • Barry Baldwin
  • Angeliki Laiou
  • Henry Maguire

Serving to the 1985 Conference-

  • Frank M. Clover
  • Nancy Ševčenko
  • Alice-Mary Talbot
  • John Wortley

Serving to the 1984 Conference-

  • Charles Brand
  • Valerie A. Caires
  • Walter Emil Kaegi, Jr.
  • Ioli Kalavrezou-Maxeiner

Those members of the Governing Board serving until the 1986 Conference constitute the Nominating Committee.

Committee on Dumbarton Oaks-

  • Annemarie Carr
  • Elizabeth Clark
  • Frank Clover, ex officio
  • Timothy Gregory
  • Kenneth Holum
  • John Rosser

Program Committee for 1984 Conference

  • Ann Epstein, Co-Chairperson
  • Kenneth Snipes, Co-Chairperson
  • Elizabeth Clark
  • Jaroslav Folda
  • Kent Rigsby
  • John Rosser

Local Arrangements Committee  for 1984 Conference

  • Martin Arbagi
  • Steven Bowman, Chairman
  • Chris Demakes
  • Eugenia Foster
  • Lowanne Jones

The Local Arrangements Committee gratefully acknowledges aid and assistance from the Office of the Vice-President and University Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, the Dean of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Judaic Studies, and the Department of Classics of the University of Cincinnati, and the Department of History of Wright State University. Their cooperation greatly facilitated both the printing of this volume and other aspects of the Conference.